24 Hour Emergency Plumber

Are you prepared to act quickly if a plumbing emergency happens to you? It can happen to anyone at anytime.

Just imagine... the sound of water spraying... It could be a sprinkler but the sound is too near. You follow the sound into the bathroom and your socks get soaked. What do you do?

If you can locate the source of the leak at the toilet or a faucet, you can shut off the water to that fixture. Look for a shut off valve on the water line that leads to the sink or toilet and turn clockwise (Righty-Tighty; Lefty-Loosey).

There are many situations where you can't find where the leak is coming from or find a valve to shut off the water supply. There is a main water supply valve located in the basement, near the water meter or near the street under a manhole cover. If you are reading this and your house is not currently flooding, check out this how-to article about locating your water shut off valve. If you currently have a water leak and know where your water meter is located, follow a direct line from the water meter to your house and look for the shut off valve. If you still can't find it, call the city water department or contact an emergency plumber.

By being prepared, you will know that not every plumbing leak or plumbing emergency has to be dealt with in the middle of the night or on the weekend. When you do need plumbing help right away, Davis Plumbing & Repairs is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. 

Store this number in your phone for emergency service (479) 271-6222. We will take your call and try to help you prevent an emergency appointment if possible, depending upon your situation. 

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